Wednesday, June 12, 2013

[Review] Gabriel's Watch (The Scrapman Trilogy #1) by Noah Fregger

Gabriel's Watch (The Scrapman Trilogy, #1)

So everyone who reads my reviews know I read the WHOLE book! From blurb or dedications to Acknowledgments. From the way Noah writes so far I know this is going to be a great book, I'm already needing my tissue box.
Finished Review!

Yep, as predicted I'm in fan girl mode! This book was spectacular! Noah Fregger is without a doubt my favorite author right now! The world he allows you to be apart of is morose, morbid, sometimes down right scary but you still feel astounded by the love, passion and emotions embedded deep in Gabriels Watch.

Have you ever read a book and by the end you just sit looking at the last page shocked that something that marvelous could be written!?! Because that is exactly how I felt after being so hooked on every word in this fascinating and creative story! What I wouldn't give to be inside Noah's mind for just one day! I mean seriously, how on earth did he come up with Such a fresh and prolific plot! And sweet lord the characters are so advanced and deep. They make the world in this story addictive and intoxicating!

This is a post-apocalyptic story, teeming with action and adventure and even some romance. The main character Miles has an air about him that I never saw coming. When I first started I was captured by the mystery of the plot, the who, what, when, where and why. But somehow in a matter of 15 pages I was laughing at the witty inner dialog if Miles and tearing up because of his heartbroken past. Even with everything he went through he prevails and continues to grow into a man with more humanity than any of the one left on earth. I know this is a fictional book, but you can't help but stop reading for a second and think, wow, this guy is something else, a GOOD man, then you end up shaking your head and mentally slapping yourself because you aren't in the world, it's not real. BUT SERIOUSLY!! That's just how amazing he painted the picture that is this story.

In addition to the amazing Miles you have the ever witty, elegant but very much foxy Alice! She has moments in Gabriel's watch that makes you want to plow into the story and either console her, offering comfort and hugs or brief moments when you want or need to baby shake her for her as I call the 'Alice moments'. Overall the characters were epic! Completely out of the park amazing! I never do the whole blurb/review but I will say that Mile's and Alice having the strength and tenacity to try to survive not only together but for one another after the demise of mankind, it leaves you contemplating if you would handle the situation with the same finesse, truly beautifully written.

Gabriel's Watch is not like your average day dystopian, this one has a untouched and utterly unique story line. If you haven't read the FREE first five chapters, I recommend it, like now, as in go to Noah Freggers website, download and read... now! You'll thank me later, because this story is definitely worth the time! I recommend this to anyone and everyone, though I think you should probably be over the age of 15 or 16. That's all I can really say about this book, beside, READ IT NOW!

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