Saturday, August 10, 2013

Switch (New World Series, #1)Switch by Janelle Stalder
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Switch starts off fast, almost with a vengeance. You are sucked into the story the second you meet the main character miss charlotte/Dinah. Janelle Stalder paints a new world with such finesse you practically see it like a movie in your mind, but she also gifted us with a smooth transition. Instead of throwing the dystopian plot at you in one hurried over puffed up explanation, we get little pieces here and there enough to make sure you’re not lost but leaving you craving more.

This is a dystopian story with action, adventure and love. Plenty of twist and turns all through out the story line. On the last page I found myself shaking my nook, NO, this can't be it! But knowing that more stories will join the New World Series actually made the suffering more bearable.

Charlotte/Dinah is a kick ass lead character and full of strength and tenacity that you wish you saw more of in the paranormal and dystopian world. Janelle kicked it out of the park, or is it hit? Oh well she knocked the crap out of it! Just an awesome story.
With an amazing female heroine you of course need you your sexy male leads which Pete is definitely that guy. His story is that of an admirable one, and the personality he develops through the book blossoms into a strong, caring and sexy male lead! There are more characters in switch and each with their own life and stories and yet still incredibly easy to follow. I think each character was built and developed very well through out the story, but still I love me some Pete!

I want everyone to know this is an adult book, I couldn't really tell until the middle of the story, but once the adult come forth it stands out, and proud. I'm not a huge fan of adult books, and tend to skip over the blush worthy parts but Switch wasn't bad at all, in fact most scenes were only about two-three paragraphs, the longest one being about a page I think. The hot steamy parts peppered throughout the story are definitely drool worthy and will make you fall for your leading man Pete even more.

Basically my fellow readers and bloggers a great book, full of trials and tribulations, fear, mystery, action, love and most of all an addictive story line that makes it difficult if not impossible to tear yourself away from! I give this book 5 stars, and hope you all enjoy it, by far one of the best arch reads I have had the pleasure of reading and reviewing!

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