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Winter Fire by Laurie Dubay

Winter FireWinter Fire by Laurie Dubay
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Okay, Winter Fire is something else! I really enjoyed it, I love the way the author allows you to be a part of her characters process in growing! I have been so blessed with my read for reviews lately because the majority of them are amazing, and Winter Fire among the top! The scenery was just amazing in this book, allowing it to pull you deep into the story as if it were a true vacation from real life. I love when a book can quite literally be an escape from your own world. And Winter Fire has proven to allow just that, with its fast pace story line and the diversity in the characters! Truly amazing!
The story setting is in the winter on a mountain full of lush and beautiful scenery, and if that wasn’t the icing on the cake it’s the sports that the author embeds into Winter Fire so well. I love snowboarding and have tried it a few times (I’ve been skiing since I was 3) but after finishing this story I was praying for snow in June and a wonderful mountain to start some lessons with the perfect man of the hour Bren… dreamy.. sexy... funny... sweet… ohhh Bren. *clears throat* I guess more about the story and not my newest book boyfriend Bren huh? Ok, well he isn’t the only wonderfully written character, in fact he was among many. You have the versatile Jenna who makes a great Main Character, then her mother who you seen slightly peppered in throughout the story. Oh, and Frey and his twin sister Frieda; LOVE THEM! Drag is quite and also Frieda’s lover boy, but you slowly fall for their relationship and secretly crave some of your own. With all the cuties out of the way you have bad ass Sky, who when you start to watch throughout the book remains on indecision row, it hard to know how to think of her until you finish the story, and that’s when you can’t help but love her! ‘Uncle’ Val, who is something else altogether brings the family together in a way that brings a true realism to the plot! And Loki… hmmm, I let you form your own opinion there. I know I know it seems like a lot of characters but they each add their own spice to this marvelous story and plot, which I think you’ll end up falling in love with just like I did!
I haven’t read many books on of about Norse Mythology, so it’s easy to say this is my favorite right now, but that’s what this story is about, if you hadn’t figured that out by the blurb yet, then, SURPRISE! I’m not entirely sure about the accuracy to the story and real historical mythology, but if it matched I do believe Athena and Zeus have a popularity war on the horizon!
If you are looking for a witty, sweet, romantic and semi action pact book then here you go! You definitely don’t want to miss out guys, and I recommend this to anyone who can read, not just young adults but everyone everywhere. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did!

PS- I totally can't wait for book two!!

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  1. Great review of The Winter Fire Series, a ya paranormal ride by Laurie Dubay. Like Norse gods? Check out the books!

  2. Great review of The Winter Fire Series, a ya paranormal ride by Laurie Dubay. Like Norse gods? Check out the books!