Saturday, May 17, 2014

Talented (Talented Saga, #1)Talented by Sophie Davis
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**This book was given to me for an honest review**

Oh, wow! I'm still reeling from this phenomenal and stunning story! Seriously people I am in complete fan girl mode! Where the heck has this masterpiece been hiding?!?! OMG,OMG,OMG,OMG,OMG!!!! I think I'm good now, no more fan girling! So, this is a fearsome, awe-inspiring, breath taking book. It literally has everything in it you could possibly crave. Sophie Davis paints a beautiful and tragic world, with such descriptive and poetic writing you can't help but feel the pull of the story. The characters are well rounded with normal deficiencies and amazing attributes. Truly stunning story!

It starts off by explaining the world and how it has been turned upside-down, flipped and twisted by nuclear weapons hidden in the earth. The spread effects the whole world, the ocean, animals and eventually the people making children come to the world with deformities and amazing abilities. As time goes on these wane and drift but the "talented" remain, and are chosen to fight for the government.
The main character Talia, is one of the effected humans and has gifts of her own. She is an amazing talented lead character who faces so many trail and tribulations in her short life, that you wonder how she has survived. The answer is revenge. She joins the "Hunters" to avenge her past and grow her future.

Talia is not alone in this tremendous world Sophie painted for you, she has her friends and handsome side kicks. My favorite among them is our dashing and witty heart breaker Erik, who was a huge part of why I fell so fast for 'Talented'.
Talia's journey with her friends Erik, Henri, Donovan and little Penelope is provocative, thrilling, funny, heart wrenching and riveting.

This book will have you in craze, waiting to find out what happens next with the plot twist and constant adventures. I loved it and truly can't wait to dig into the series, I absolutely recommend it to everyone and anyone. But especially those of you looking for a fun read with romance, adventure, mystery and a beautiful dystopian world ready for you to join! Enjoy!

Enjoy this book! I know I did!

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